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About SIS Cleaning Service JB and USJ

The organization is guided with a Code of Ethics, reflected in The Mission Statement.

“To focus on customer satisfaction, by providing excellent services through Sustainable and Continuous Improvement Growth”



Zarra Niaga Enterprise was founded in 2013 is a company with interest and operation in various industries. Our main operated is in the cleaning services which are also known as Sakura Cleaning Services based in Malaysia.

Sis Cleaning Services specializes in residential and industrial cleaning task that can be specially done according to our client requirements. We cater all of our clients in Johor Bahru, with all kind of professional cleaning services including:

Our cleaning service specialist company offers contractual or non-contractual services following the preferred demand by our clients in Malaysia. We can help you clean your premises and take care in helping you to live and work under comfortable and clean environment.

Please email us if you have any particular needs and interest in our range of services. Our aims are to deliver to our clients the best services at the best price, without compromising the quality.

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