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Residential Cleaning Service in Johor and Selangor.

Residential house cleaning is our most sought-after cleaning service in Johor, Klang Valley and Selangor in Malaysia. Our residential cleaning service covers all types of residential buildings or premises such as house, apartment, condominium, link houses, bungalows, landed house-sand pent house.

Our professional residential cleaners are well-trained and experienced who will take care every corner of your house. Our residential cleaning service also can be flexible upon request so that any room in specific,for instance kitchen, bathroom, living room, guest room, store room, garage etc could be cleaned instead of the whole house.

Our residential house cleaning service is suitable for anyone from any walk of life with tight and hectic schedule who do not have the time to do house cleaning work. This type of people hardly has got the time to enjoy what they wish to do, needless to mention about having the time to thoroughly clean up the place where they are staying.

Why trade off your rest or fun time when you can make appointment with us for our professional residential house cleaning service from our SIS Cleaning Cleaning Service? Let us do the house cleaning chores for you!

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