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Sanitize cleaning

Disinfect + Sanitize Cleaning Service JB & USJ

Cleanliness and hygiene are crucial during this period. We are offering our enhanced Disinfect + Sanitize cleaning service to ensure every family stays healthy and safe.

Why choose us?

1. Product & services is save to use and compliance with Ministry of Health Guideline

2. Its a halal-certified product and is a non animal-based product.

3. Product can be used for any food processing premises and it is especially suitable for those HACCP certified plants and the active ingredient NaDCC is approved by FDA.

4. It’s biodegradable & environmental friendly that using a formula called undissociated HOCl.

5. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends hypochlorite solution for decontamination of infectious materials

Limited slots available, book yours now!

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